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December 19, 2009 / P. Filippaios

Experiencing MultiTouch – Yes, we can MultiTouch, all the day.

Is multi-touch a definite necessity or a tech luxury with no future ?

What i’ve read (but haven’t tested myself due to obvious technical difficulties) is that Linux kernel supports multitouch support since the v.2.6.30. OK, that was good news, we had a news post on Phoronix, and that was all.

After that, we had Microsoft Windows 7 being released, having support for Multi Touch screens. And that’s all. Multi touch screens are still expensive and (from what I see on videos only) unresponsive.

Today, I saw on Phoronix again this:
Impressive, huh ? Since Xorg has Multi Pointer support (aka multiple instances of a pointer on a screen aka multi touch), we can use Multi Touch screens on Linux with Xorg 7.5 installed. That’s good, isn’t it ?

OK, that’s “coooool”. Is it really something we need ?

Well, there are a LOT of things we don’t need, but we still use. What’s a candidate for “necessity” ? 10 years ago, a 266 P2 was all we wanted. Quad-core machines with gazillions of RAM is what we want now. That means necessity is relative. Many people have seen that movie, “Minority Report”, right ? Multitouch. And … remote multitouch. Do we need it now ?

Is it worth the time they spend on technologies like MultiTouch those Xorg guys

From what we see, they already invest on future. Multi Touch may be mainstream in a few years or so. No-one knows.


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